April 16, 2019

"I accidentally locked my car keys in my trunk and I had originally called someone else but they couldn’t even break into my car to get my keys out so I called seven hills and he came over and even made me two keys on the spot as well as getting me back into my car and he was very nice and highly recommend this service… Some people might think the price is a bit high but I’ve compared prices for keys at dealerships and I’d rather pay $65 instead of $1000… It might be a bit more expensive for getting locked out of your car… But it’s worth it when no one else can get into your car and you’re desperate and it’s cold and you were literally stuck in an abandoned parking lot… And I needed a new spare key So it all worked out … If you only need to get into your car just call DMA Roadside assistance… But if everything else fails and you still need spare keys this is a great service also if you just need to use in general for a car especially a car that needs to be programmed"
March 8, 2019

"Brian was wonderful! 7 Hills gets the job done quickly and correctly! I highly recommend them."
September 18, 2018

"Highly recommend 7 Hills!! Having worked with them multiple times, personally and professionally - their services has been nothing short of amazing! Quick to answer, quick to respond. And super friendly - they have never disappointed!"
August 30, 2018

"The key broke off my key fob to my car and I lost it. 7 hills was able to come out make me a new key without the old one. It was a great experience"
August 17, 2018

"Just had them come and replace a key for my 2006 mustang, they were quick, friendly and said I could call them back if there are any problems. Overall great experience. Thank you 7 hills for giving us our mustang back! :)"
7 Hills Lock & Key, Inc.